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Lost Time

Jane's current work in progress, a novel called Lost Time, tells intertwined stories of initiation. Lisa revisits a lost love, and discovers unsuspected layers of sabotage and betrayal. Ellen's dreams offer her a shamanic quest into other realms. Sibyl resists, then embraces, the complex call to be a spiritual mentor. All of them come to see that ancient patterns rise inevitably from the depths of the human psyche.

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"In the tradition of Virginia Woolf, Katharine Anne Porter and, more recently, Alice Walker, Jane LeCompte presents an intimate tale of one woman's self-discovery"
-- Boston Herald


Moon Passage

Moon Passage

"IN an age of change, when women have been engaged in examining and redefining their relations - with kith and kin and myth - Jane LeCompte has written a subtle first novel that brilliantly evokes that process." - NYT Review