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Jane LeCompte fell in love with stories at a very early age, and soon discovered a longing to create her own. Her writing focuses on women negotiating the pitfalls of culture and on how ancient mythic patterns manifest in our lives.

Jane's novel Moon Passage was praised by reviewers across the United States. She was awarded a fellowship in fiction by the Bread Loaf Writers Conference. She earned a Ph.D. in English and has taught literature and writing, as well as headed a corporate communications department.

In addition under the pen name Jane Ashford, she has written more than twenty romances.

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"In the tradition of Virginia Woolf, Katharine Anne Porter and, more recently, Alice Walker, Jane LeCompte presents an intimate tale of one woman's self-discovery"
-- Boston Herald


Moon Passage

Moon Passage

"IN an age of change, when women have been engaged in examining and redefining their relations - with kith and kin and myth - Jane LeCompte has written a subtle first novel that brilliantly evokes that process." - NYT Review